Cult #2: Mormonism

Mormonism is the fastest growing and most successful cult. Their church is called The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, or LDS for short. They claim to be Christians, that they believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. But they employ semantics to nearly every Christian term.

A history:

Joseph Smith Jr.: How it all began:

At the age of 14, Joseph had a vision that Father and Son appeared before him. He asked what Christian denomination he should join. They said, “None,” because they were all wrong and corrupt.

In 1823, Smith, 17, saw the angel Moroni and told him of a book written on golden plates by former inhabitant of the continent that would contain “the fullness of the everlasting gospel.” He dug them up 4 years later. Mormons deny this but Smith used occult practices to find information (scrying).

By 1830 Smith published the Book of Mormon and founded the Mormon Church. It grew rapidly from 1831-1844 establishing strongholds in Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. Mormons drew hostility and persecution. Missouri militia slaughtered, raped and pillaged Mormon believers, obeying an “extermination” order issued by the governor.

Smith continued to receive revelations that guided him where to go and what to do next and established different doctrines.

Polygamy was issued in 1843, Smith said he would destroy his first wife if she resisted.

Smith was killed while in jail and Mormons claim their founder died as a “Christian martyr.” But in truth he went down fighting, using a six-shooter, that was smuggled to him, killing at least 2 of his assailants.

Bringham Young led LDS to settle in the valley of the Great Salt Lake in 1847. Polygamy became a formal practice.

Polygamy was often practiced until 1890 and was a chief reason Utah had been denied statehood at least 6 times.

LDS Church claims the biblical canon never closed and revelation continued with Joseph Smith as well as other presidents/prophets of the church right up to present day.

Mormons believe that God is “progressive,” having attained His exalted state by advancing along a path that His children (Mormons) are permitted to follow. According to Mormonism, He is an exalted man. One of a species called gods: These gods existed before God. When God was created then fully matured and was sent to another planet. He learned all He could, grew up, died, then was resurrected. Having attained godhood, He returned to a heavenly abode with a body of flesh and bones, where He joined with His goddess wife (Mother God) to have millions of spirit children to populate planet Earth. This is called “the preexistence.” Was not created ex nihilo. God was created by a god out of who resided and one point in eternal matter. God is not eternal, but matter is.

According to Mormons, Jesus is God’s firstborn “creation.” Lucifer was God’s next-born. Everyone else was created to populate the earth. God chose Jesus over Lucifer to be man’s savior. This caused Satan to rebel and fought a war against Heaven (led by Michael archangel). He was cast down to earth to live as a spirit without a human body. Meanwhile God instructed Jesus to create earth and everything in it and Adam and Eve with the help of the spirit children using external matter. Among the descendants were spirit children who fought halfheartedly against Satan in the Great War. They were sentence to be born mortals with black stain as part of their lineage of Cain. God had sex with Mary to conceive Jesus. Orson Pratt taught that Jesus married and had children by those women. After His death Jesus “gained fullness,” which He attained through a resurrected body. He reigns in Heaven with the Father-God. Smith says Jesus will eventually take the Father-God’s place as Father-God moves on to even higher realms of glory exalting a progression.

Trinity– Mormons believe that the trinity is not consisted of one God whose essence is found in three persons, but three Gods – three distinct bodies (Holy Ghost is only a spirit body and cannot become a man.)

We, as Christians part ways on just about every point of Mormonism. Do not let them convince you that they are Christians, because our belief systems are as different as night and day. We believe there is just one God, existing in three persons, and Jesus is His only begotten Son who paid the atonement for our sins (including fornication, multiple lovers/wives, idolatry, following false belief-systems). We are to have one one spouse and be faithful to that spouse until death does us part, and when we die, we either go to Heaven where we worship God for eternity or go to Hell and be punished for not believing in the One who offered salvation.

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14 thoughts on “Cult #2: Mormonism

  1. A great book about the Cult of Mormonism is “The maze of Mormonism” By Walter Martin. I can vouch for it being a cult, my family are mostly Mormons so I hear and know many of the ‘behind the scenes’ practices and beliefs of Mormons.
    What about a Mormon as a president? Fine by me. Religious or non religious beliefs should not be a qualifying reason for acceptance or rejection. If it were, then we’d soon be judging whether or not a candidate was “Christian enough” to lead us. It’s a slippery slope.
    We must remember what God said about turning a Country around in Chronicles 7:14. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” It doesn’t speak anything about a leader , but it does say MY PEOPLE!


    1. I’m okay with a Mormon president when pitted against a (more) tolerant, pro-choice candidate who makes a mockery of the Constitution.


  2. That sounds like a strange religion. I’m surprised you say it has the most new followers. Are you sure about that? I am a Wiccan, which is a religion which goes back to ancient times and is also growing extremely fast.


  3. Well said! Christian deviation groups take the Truth of the Gospel and make little changes and more changes until it is wholly unrecognizable. It is Jesus plus NOTHING! He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life!


  4. I’m a Mormon, and most of what you wrote was true above. You do drift in a few places from the truth. What saddens me most is when others try to say we’re not Christians. Jesus Christ is the most important figure in my life; I absolutely believe in His atonement for my sins and all others in the world. Mormons aren’t trying to be exclusive, nor do we say we are the only ones who will get to heaven (if anyone tells you that, they’re up in the night). We believe all men are God’s spirit children and He wants them all to return to Him after death. I believe that Joseph Smith did restore the same gospel that was on the earth in Jesus’s time…and there is continuing revelation and a living prophet on the earth. I don’t expect anyone to believe me, but just wanted to say my piece. I’m not an arguer and hate the spirit of contention. The best source for Mormonism is not anti-Mormon sources…but the source itself. Read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, believing God will answer your prayers about whether it is from Him or not. He will.


    1. Good reply, and puts my thoughts into words much better than I could. I too am Mormon (a convert), and get disturbed when we are referred to as non-Christian or a cult. Jesus Christ is absolutely central to our faith – without Him, nothing fits. I don’t expect to convert or change any minds that are made up, but I do wish people would research our faith and beliefs a little more objectively rather than reading or listening only to anti-Mormon sources and literature. Two good sites for answering questions for those who wish to understand more are (a church-sponsored website) and (not sponsored by the church, but good reading). And, for the record, despite many doctrinal differences, I don’t tear down any faith or denomination that acknowledges God as our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as His Son.


  5. I can identify a lot with them, I was raised as a Jehovahs Wittiness, I’m not one anymore, but a couple of years ago I wanted to learn more about mormons and found that a lot of things I thought were special about my old religion are the same as theirs.
    I believe their are holy people in every religion, and that God really does listen to and answer all prayers, bottom line, God does not judge us at all like we think he does, or like we judge each other. We ARE all his children after all. I still listen to every word my son says, even if I know he’s wrong about a topic.
    People used to say I wasn’t a Christian too, that always got on my nerves, but now…. I really just don’t care.


  6. I felt God tell me to find out more about mormonism, especially as a “friend” in the street wanted to tell me about it and i was too busy, I went on the website and ordered the book of mormon to be sent out so i could read it myself and know where they were coming from. it got hand delivered by two mormons and i chatted to them for a while, it all seemed sweetness and light “listen to the spirit” they said to me, but every time i even open it, something tells me in my spirit it is not right for me as a christian to read! It is an addition to the bible which is explicitly forbidden in god’s true word!


  7. Good synopsis. I do believe Mormons are a cult and not Christian, but that is for the Lord to judge in the final analysis, since many who claim to be Christian really aren’t–see the final handful of verses in Matthew 7 for a chilling thought about our own salvation! In some ways, they are close to the truth–and it may be possible that in the last days, the Holy Spirit will do a major outpouring in their ranks, as He is doing in Muslims (many of whom do not come out of Islam, even though they begin to believe in Jesus). I have a friend who says we are all wrong in some doctrine–best we could hope for would be 80-90% correct–so God is in the longsuffering business of slowly bringing us to being rightly related to Him
    One doctrine in LDS that many Mormons aren’t familiar with is the doctrine of “blood atonement,” which states in short that a non-believer (or someone seeking to turn from Mormonism) can be “redeemed” by causing them to die in some bloody fashion. This is revealed in the book The Mormon Murders: A True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit, & Death by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith (Jan 28, 1992). Fortunately, few Mormons are aware of it, and far fewer practice it!
    On the positive side, one practice I really like that Mormons do is caring for their own. In particular, it is noteworthy that every state has a cannery that is available to members (and sometimes non-members), and it is a sort of warehouse for the poor as well. In addition, they encourage all members to store up a year’s supply of food, not just for themselves, but in order to be able to minister in hard times. Would that we as Christians would be so committed to taking care of our own! I applaud them for this, and am glad to call some of them friends.
    As to the political issue, there are far more significant issues than simply religion for basing our Presidential vote on, and ultimately, we are getting the leaders we choose by our daily choices (our consumptive greed, etc.). None, or almost none, of us really want to face the hard choices it would take to be where we really should, or to start heading in that direction…so in the final analysis, we are reaping what we collectively have sown…and hopefully, the Lord being in the longsuffering business He is will have mercy on us in ways we don’t deserve…


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