Album Review: Relient K – Collapsible Lung


Most Christians have playlists that are unfamiliar to the rest of the world. Their ipods are full of Hillsong, Addison Road, Laura Story, etc. It’s also not unusual for a Christian to have many of Relient K’s albums included in their playlists.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of Relient K, but Sarabeth is. So, I’ve tolerated them for the past few years. (But don’t feel too bad – she tolerates all of my Fun., Counting Crows, Green Day, and Sister Hazel. It’s really a 70/10 exchange. The other 20% we compromise by listening to Disney music – yeah, we’re cool like that.)

Before heading to Nashville on a business trip earlier this week, I bought and downloaded Relient K’s newest CD, “Collapsible Lung” for us to listen to on our road trip. Immediately I liked their new sound and deemed it their best CD to date. But then I tuned into the lyrics.

Admittedly, they have not produced a “Christian” CD in several years, and to be fair, this one is categorized as “alternative rock” on itunes. But many songs in this album are about sex and one-night stands. A disappointment to those who have grown up with Relient K and relied on them for wholesome family music.

I compare “Collapsible Lung” with Cars 2. In Cars 2, the animation was as astounding and stunning as any other Pixar production – but the story was forgettable. On the surface, “Collapsible Lung” is great music, and a step in the right direction as far an interesting and catchy beat goes. But many Christian families will be majorly let down by the lyrics.

On the upside, I learned that Relient K actually writes a lot of the songs for one of my favorites, Owl City. Interesting that Owl City’s lyrics are more wholesome and uplifting than Relient K’s own. (If you saw Wreck It RalphOwl City sang the song at the end: “When Can I See You Again?”, written by Relient K.) And their last song does feature Owl City, which is a fun treat.

But you should know that though I’m a Christian, I’m not one to hound the entertainment industry over immorality or knit-pick every bad word or ungodly trait in material. In fact, I admit that I enjoy a lot of music that a typical Christian would not. I just hope that this review of “Collapsible Lung” serves as a fair warning for those of you wanting to purchase it. I wish my wife had known. She’s on the fence whether she even likes Relient K anymore. I hate that. Guess we’ll be supporting more Owl City now.


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