Fall Movie Lineup

It probably sounds a little strange, but I like to watch my movies by season. It helps weed out options when you’re as indecisive as me, and somehow I just can’t get into Cool Runnings when it’s 104 degrees outside. So as the world parts its curtains on Fall, I’d like to share with you a few movies I like to watch during this golden season.


The Fox and the Hound

Fall represents death, and death is sadness. And The Fox and the Hound has all the Disney sadness you need for one day. I grew up raising a basset hound, so Copper reminds me a lot of my old dog Tilly. I especially love Copper’s puppy years as I’m reminded that Tilly was once young and spry and full of life. And she was known for making friends with the raccoons in the backyard, and I could almost hear the owl in the tree hooting, “When You’re the Best of Friends.”


Remember the Titans

I confess I don’t like football. Not even a little bit. For one, Rugby players take much harder beatings than the comfy, fully-cushioned football players. And it lacks the magic that baseball has, and somehow Remember the Titans captures that missed magic. Love football or not, there’s just no getting around it: Remember the Titans is simply one of the greatest movies ever made. I just wish the director would come out of hiding and make something else.


Dead Poets Society 

This entire story takes place during the first semester at a Catholic high school, which is fall. And Robin Williams takes the kids outside to play a lot, which provides many scenes of autumn leaves. If you haven’t seen this yet, seize the day and watch it already! It’s a bit slow, and I mean that as a compliment. This movie gets better with every viewing. Carpe Diem.


Dan in Real Life

Steve Carell is absolutely adored in our house, mostly because of his character as Michael Scott in The Office. Like Jim Carrey and Will Farrell, Steve Carell pulls off dramatic roles very well, especially in this fun little film about a widowed father who can’t quite seem to fit in with his family (who doesn’t know that feeling, right?). Filled with beautiful fall scenery on the New Jersey coastline, this is a fun flick for the family to enjoy before gathering with the larger family for Thanksgiving. You’ll be reminded that you’re not alone.


Homeward Bound

Yeah. See that scene right there? First time I ever cried in a movie. There’s one scene with a pumpkin, and farms and the northwest somehow remind me of relaxing fall days. Dogs rule and cats drool. No exceptions.



It’s still one of Steven Spielberg’s finest movies. Sarabeth (along with most women I know) just doesn’t get why this movie is so great. Perhaps it taps primarily into a man’s imagination of discovery and secrets and otherworldly phenomenons. Sometimes when I take the dogs out, I secretly hope that I’ll find a little alien to befriend and introduce to Sarabeth. Or one to fight off using just my hands and a giant stick as I dodge its death-rays. Great movie to watch around Halloween.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

I tend to pull this one out around Halloween. It remains one of my favorite Disney classics. This didn’t terrify me as a kid because I was fourteen when I first saw it, but I think it’s one of the creepiest animated movies out there – but it’s such a masterpiece in every sense of the word!

BVance Logo

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Fall movies need to be calm and relaxing. Golf movies are usually just that, and The Legend of Bagger Vance is no exception. Just a quiet, good old-fashioned story about a small town rooting for a hero to arise. If I’m not mistaken, we only own like two Will Smith movies. This is one of them.

Feel free to name some of your favorite fall movies below.


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27 thoughts on “Fall Movie Lineup

  1. Fox and the Hound! When I was 3 or 4 years old my mother and aunts took me to see this in the theater. I cried so hard that the movie ushers came and asked my mother to remove me from the theater. My mother was appalled and said “I will not take her out! She is not crying because something is wrong; she is crying because she is sad that Todd was dropped off. She HAS to finish the movie to see that it all works out for the better.” My mom asked me to quiet down and I did. I will never forget that moment or the movie. I don’t cry quite as loud when I watch it these days.


  2. That’s an awesome memory to share! Thank you! The same thing would have happened to me in Toy Story 3, except the whole theater was losing it, thank goodness. 🙂


  3. Wow! Our familiies could watch movies together and never argue about what to watch, we love them all…. Fox and the Hound was one of the very first movies we took our oldest to see… Each one has special memories attached to it… great list.


  4. I’ve actually never seen Doctor Zhivago, but have always wanted to. Come to think of it… I haven’t seen the others, either 😦 I’ll work on it, though!


  5. I do the same thing, organizing what I watch, read, even music I listen to, by seasons. There’s just a certain feeling that goes along with it. That Homeward Bound gif almost made me cry right now. A childhood favorite.


  6. Well, I guess that IS one way to help decide what to watch. Ha, ha, ha. Usually I don’t mind watching “out of season” stuff, but sometimes it doesn’t annoy me to watch Christmassy things in the summer . . . . but only sometimes. I don’t like TV reruns of Christmas in the summer.


  7. I have never even thought about the concept of watching movies in season. It makes sense though and will now have me redefining my movie viewership. I have always despaired movies in October because so many of them are horror films, and I’m just not into that. Now I will have to go on a “Fall” search for movies and start a new tradition with my family.


    1. Can’t stand horror myself. It’s sick and pointless. But I’ll be posting some fun “scary” movies later this month.


  8. I keep promising myself that I am going to take the time to watch a good movie but I just don’t seem to sit still very well lately. I like your fall line up. I have never watched movies seasonally. I think Patch Adams is good movie but not sure what season I would put that in…Spring? He does put new life into everyone. Or Winter? It does have very sad moments.
    I think I may have to give this seasonal movie watching a try…now if I could just sit still long enough…hahahaha


    1. I tend to pull out Patch Adams around Christmas time. That’s because my family took me to see it on Christmas day and the opening scene just screams out Christmas to me (the snow probably helps with that). But yes, a very, very good movie, indeed. It was my favorite movie for several years back then.


    1. It really is amazing! My wife and I watching it now. She got burnt out on in in high school when they showed it every chance they could, but she still watches it nonetheless. Not sure I could ever get burnt out on it, though…


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