From a Mermaid to an Ice Queen: Is Frozen Better Than Beauty?

Frozen-Wallpaper-disney-frozen-35897178-1920-1200These days Sarabeth and I go to the movies about three times a year. Once in the summer to catch the newest Pixar movie, and twice in December for the latest Hunger Games and Hobbit installments. Since there will not be a Pixar movie released this year (insert ultra-sad face here), I insisted we catch Frozen because of all the hype (thanks to many of your comments).

We all remember the glory days of Disney when they repeatedly put out hits such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. There were some other good ones that followed, but none that held a candle to the greatness… flawlessness… no, majesty of the Phenomenal Four. Somehow that majesty just couldn’t be recaptured, though Disney filmmakers searched far and wide for it: from the age of dinosaurs, into the depths of space, on the Hawaiian islands, down to the depths of the lost city of Atlantis.

Disney, it seemed, just couldn’t quite recapture that African sunrise, or convince audiences that carpets can fly.

It seemed that the great entertainment empire had thrown in the towel when it released the horrendous Home on the Range, an embarrassing cartoon not even worth a slot on TV (Sarabeth and I turned it off after ten minutes – but the soundtrack is surprisingly good, to Disney’s credit).

And then Disney, apart from Pixar, debuted its first CGI movie, Chicken Little. This was a far cry from the best, but it was a step in the right direction, set in a town where Mickey and the gang could very well live. Suddenly it seemed the Mouse wasn’t out of the game just yet.

Then came Meet the Robinsons – the first of Disney movies to open with Mickey Mouse Steamboat-willieat the helm of Steamboat Willy, which communicated one thing loud and clear: The Mouse is back. Still a far cry from the majesty of the great fairytales of 90s, it touched a soft spot in audiences, and especially in me, since the theme is based on adoption. It’s a movie I cannot get through the end of without crying.

The Princess and the Frog came hopping into theaters with even louder drums and cymbals (and a great soundtrack, to boot!). Not only was the Mouse back, but the enchanting fairytale world Disney had created was expanding.

And man, was there ever a greater uproar than when Tangled hit silver screens across the world less than a year later, screaming Disney is back for good! That magic, that music, that humor, everything old Walt himself would have approved of a thousand times over!

And now, Frozen.


Paperman-shortFirst off, let me just say that the short before the film was the most inventive cartoon since Roger Rabbit! (It’s not as emotionally-charged as Wreck-It Ralph’s “Paperman”, but it certainly was a fun treat.) It was so nice to see Mickey Mouse on the big screen for once.

Frozen, without a doubt, will breed a whole new generation of Disney enthusiasts. Frozen makes you believe in happiness and magic and music all over again. Frozen, I am pleased to say, has recaptured that long-lost majesty. 

It will be a long time before we see another movie as good as Frozen. 

Is it as good as Beauty and the Beast? It’s too soon to tell. It certainly had its share of flaws that Beauty lacks, but I can say without reservation that Frozen has earned its place on the same shelf as the mermaid, the Beast, the street rat, and the king of Pride Rock. 

Welcome, Ice Queen, to the most prestigious Disney family in history.

And may that family continue to grow for our children’s children to enjoy all their lives.


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40 thoughts on “From a Mermaid to an Ice Queen: Is Frozen Better Than Beauty?

  1. It was really was a good movie. I went into it thinking it would be cheesy and lame (just as I did with Tangled), but I was proven to be very wrong. Glad you and your wife got to see it, and happy to know you liked it!


    1. I kind of thought it would be lackluster (let’s admit it, the snowman looked rather annoying in the trailers), but I went because of all the hype and the high ratings from critics (who generally are hard on Disney movies). Glad to be proven wrong as well!


    1. Agreed. Just told my wife last night after listening to the soundtrack in the shower, “I think I’m obsessed.”


  2. I liked the movie, but I still think Beauty and the Beast is superior. Maybe it’s a generation thing, but I grew up with that movie and I don’t think there is a bad song. But I did really like Frozen and I loved Tangled as well.


    1. Beauty and the Beast certainly seems to have zero flaws, while Frozen has a scene or two I could do without. So, in that regard, I think Beauty will still hold the throne.


  3. Beauty and the Beast is flawless in my opinion, better than The Lion King. Frozen is amazing, but if I had to rank it with the top 4 from the 90s, Frozen would probably be 4th (Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Frozen, Aladdin).


  4. I just like how it turns the traditional template on its head – there’s no specific villain and there’s not a prince charming galloping in to save the day. Makes it a lot more interesting…


  5. Oh, you made me cry. I loved Frozen. And I’m not even a fan of animations but this one just had it all. Like Lion King that is my favourite of the bunch. And those songs, they wil be remembered (and it will be on Broadway, there’s no way it won’t be).


  6. I was personally very thankful that “true love” defined in this movie was that between 2 sisters. There was no prince charming that saved the day. Being a mom with 2 girls, this was inspiring. I’m hoping that this movie will become a timeless one in our home.


  7. I haven’t seen it yet, but now I’m tempted to go before it leaves theaters! I’ll be visiting Disneyland today; what a perfect post to read just before hitting the road! (: Glad to see that faith has been restored in Disney.


    1. I’m jealous that you got to go. Wish they’d put one up here in Kentucky 🙂 Since you’re in Cali, you should go see it in the El Capitan in Hollywood.


    1. I decided to wait until that comes on video (hard as that is), because it looks like I’ll be crying too much to be dignified in public. (Of course, I didn’t expect I’d run into that problem with Frozen, at least three times.)


  8. Frozen was definitely a great movie. Amazing sound track and message. I love that they showed that you need to know someone before you decide there your “true love”. It just scares me that some of those other princesses run of with there princes before they even know them. I mean come on, are we positive that Snow White didn’t ride off into the sunset with a mass murderer?
    Anyways, In my opinion Frozen out ranks the little mermaid and many others princess movies by a land slide (sorry Arial) but Beauty and the Beast remains my favorite. Another one of my favorite Disney movies that was not mentioned was Brave. I love how they made Meredith look like a real person. She’s the only Disney Princess that doesn’t look like a model and thats a good message for little girls.


  9. Dude. In between the old school saccharin of Tangled and the glory of Frozen was the movie that really changed the tune: Brave. Merida was the first Disney princess completely sans love interest. AND a strong, loving mom. We all know that character has been absent since…well…the start. And the music? Awesome.


  10. I have a ginger friend called Claire who is just like Ana. I went to see Frozen with her and 2 other friends and we could not stop laughing at Ana’s character because she reminded us so much of Claire – even Claire herself said “It’s me!” She initially said that about Merida in Brave, but she is definitely more Ana; either way, she loves that Disney are finally embracing the beauty of ginger-haired princesses.


  11. nice post – and Beauty and the Beast (1991) will always be my favorite – I am now looking forward to seeing Frozen (thanks) and also have been told to watch Her…


    1. Anything else can wait to be rented. This one ought to be seen in theaters. But don’t worry, if you miss it: I’m sure Disney will be re-releasing it in theaters again. 🙂


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