Hollywood Dachshunds

In our five-and-a-half years of marriage, Sarabeth and I have had four dachshunds living with us, so it goes without saying that we are dachshund lovers through and through. As such, it’s fun to find our favorite breed featured in some of our favorite movies. Here’s a few examples of dachshund cameos we’ve found. See if you can think of some more.


Frost/Nixon – This pooch catches President Nixon’s attention right after his on-air confession that he batched up his presidency. You can see that even this dachshund is too revolted to be softed by such a creeper.



The Truman Show – Yup. Every day on his walk through town Truman Burbank passes a dog walker walking – you guessed it – a couple-a dachshunds.


all dogs Heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven – Remember this Don Bluth tear-jerker? Itchy Itchiford is a moody, yet loyal dachshund only looking out for his money-grubbing German Shepherd dog pal. Them Germans gotta stick togetha, ja?














The Toy Story trilogy – Those guys at Pixar certainly have good taste in dogs, I must say! Remember Buster and Slinky?


bolt-disneyscreencaps.com-3031Bolt – It’s not a very long scene (pun), but there’s a dachshund featured in Disney’s Bolt nonetheless.


ugly dachshund

The Ugly Dachshund – You might not have heard of this movie before. Sarabeth introduced this old Disney classic to me recently. Basically it’s about a Great Dane trying to fit in with five mischievous, pampered, spoiled dachshunds. But of course, no one spoils their dachshunds like that in real life, right? 

Can you come up with any other dachshund cameos in films?

Visit my wife’s Dachshund Blog for pics and stories about our pups.


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13 thoughts on “Hollywood Dachshunds

    1. That’s my brothers dachshund, Frank, in THE TRUMAN SHOW. Director liked him so much they added two more shots with him. (Dragging his leash) He was a great watchdog and once caught a mouse in the kitchen in MID AIR! Loved to play catch for hours. Rip Frank.


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