Go See Jurassic World


The Internet is currently inundated with reviews for the country’s latest record-breaking box-office smash hit, Jurassic World

I’ve been waiting forever to see this movie, and have been more excited than the average person. In preparation to the release I watched the previous three Jurassic movies, read both books, got the Jurassic World blizzard, and have been playing dinosaurs with Baby A. nonstop.

My poor wife has been obliging me in all this nonstop dinosaur talk.

Finally went and saw the fourth (or should I say the second installment) last night and the wait was very, very well worth the excruciating pain.

All the reviews that say Jurassic World is almost as good as the first movie given to us in 22 years ago in 1993, are spot on.

It was great to see the world’s most awesome amusement park functioning as a fully operational theme park…the crowds, the tourists, the attractions, the lines, the ticket counters, and even Starbucks and Ben and Jerry’s.

Part of Jurassic World‘s genius is pretending the previous two movies never even existed, which, in our best moments (even as die-hard dinosaur fans) we wish never really happened.

The only thing this movie lacked from the first one – and I mean the only thing it lacked, was that it didn’t drag out the suspense as long as the 1993 hit did. Don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty of scary moments and jumps, but I just wanted that intensity to be dragged out just a bit longer.

Jurassic World provides us with the greatest opening of the franchise, very few cheesy moments, subtle and hilarious laughs, and some brand new favorite dinosaur moments. It’s definitely a thrill ride for the ages and I will be anxiously awaiting the next installments!!!

Check back tomorrow for my advanced review of the highly anticipated Inside Out!

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36 thoughts on “Go See Jurassic World

  1. I disagree with you 100% if it were possible I would a disagree with you more.
    The two kids in the movie the nephews, I could not wish them to die fast enough. Their acting sucked as did their characters.
    The movie revolved around the same plot and if we give the pass on the 2 and 3 we are still left with a movie that had the same story holes.
    A big hole is how it all went down, how the party crashed.
    I propose two reasons why it did so well.
    1. It is June and shows have ended and there are no other big brand movies on release during this movies release.
    2. In recent news there have been some great things happening in Paleontology.

    My recommendation for people is don’t waste your money. Wait for it on DVD or stream it from one of the many free streaming sites out there. It is a shit movie that does not live up to the hype.


    1. I can definitely respect your opinions. I’m so sorry you didn’t like it! I guess with a movie that holds so much expectation to be phenomenal and with “phenomenal” being such a subjective term, it would be hard to please everybody.

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    1. Oh, the neighbors can definitely hear me. Me, the T-rex, the dogs the raptors, and our son the dilophosaurus because he still spits 🙂

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  2. Totally agree with you! =D My partner and I were saying that we think that it might even better than the Avengers movie and we loved it!lol…I am going to buy it on DVD when it comes out and probably see it again,lol


  3. My husband wants me to go see this with him … My problem is that I’ve never seen any of the others. (I know, I KNOW … but cut me a little slack. I was 3 when the first one came out, and my parents definitely wouldn’t have let me see it until I was 13.) Will I be totally lost?


  4. I am more of a chick-flick girl but I watched it last night and it was awesome!!! I enjoyed it immensely. There were a few parts that I didn’t like how it played out but overall it was great.


  5. Pretending the sequels didn’t exist is probably a good idea. The second movie sucked and I never bothered watching the third.


  6. I am also a die-hard dinosaur and Jurassic Park fan. I watched the movie so many times as a kid I could speak the lines along with the movie. I was PUMPED for Jurassic World, and was not disappointed as I often am when there is this much anticipation.


    1. Yay! Me, neither. My poor wife had to spend the last 8 months with me talking nonstop about it. Now she’s got to spend the next 8 months talking about it constantly, lol. I love Jurassic World!

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