Could “The Force Awakens” be the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME??


Let’s all be perfectly clear – The Force Awakens is NOT just for Star Wars fans. It’s not just for geeks or sci-fi buffs. The Force Awakens is a genuine love letter to anyone who loves the movies and has a soul.

That said, let me back up.

2015 has brought us some of the greatest movies in years. From Mad Max to Jurassic World, I can’t remember when we had such a solid lineup of films.

I recently decided that this summer’s Inside Out was the greatest film ever made, dethroning The King’s Speech from the coveted spot in my heart. And then, just a few short months later, the “Best Movie of All Time” seat is challenged yet again with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Few will argue with me that the movie was absolutely mind-blowing and fewer would argue that it was just really, really, really damn good.

But am I jumping the gun by saying it could possibly be the greatest movie of all time?? Do I just need to get a grip and wait for the hype to pass? Am I forgetting greats such as The Return of the King or the emotional surprise that was Toy Story 3? 

I don’t think so.

Even if it’s not your favorite film ever, I don’t think I’m far off the mark by asserting it’s the greatest film of all time. Here’s why:

1. The High Expectation

J.J. Abrams and everyone that worked on this movie had something going against them that no movie crew has ever had to deal with ever. Three generations of movie goers with impossibly high expectations and demands. I’m talking about a significant population rate of people who have been deeply wounded by the release of the previous trilogy. So not only was the audience-base expecting a good Star Wars film, but they expected their pain to be remedied. The reviews and audience reaction shows that Abrams and co. has indeed gone beyond wowing everyone and bandaging up our wounds, but they cut an incision in Star Wars fans and precisely and deliberately removed the cancer that was George Lucas’ prequels. Order has now been restored in the galaxy.

2. Big Risk; Little Effects

The Force Awakens team went against the Hollywood grain by going back to set pieces and costumes and minimizing on CGI effects. They replaced the needless cartoons with something of importance and substance: Story. And a damn good one to boot!

3. Emotions Run High

The writers knew who our favorite character(s) would be going in, and they punched us in the gut, and pulverized our hearts. One review on Rotten Tomatoes said it perfectly: “The Best Disappointing Movie Ever.” There were some high risks in some major decisions as well, but it was all carried out so deftly, so perfectly, so cleanly that audiences will love J.J. Abrams for stabbing them in the heart and leaving them for dead. Folks, this Star Wars film made me cry! That’s never happened to me in George Lucas’ galaxy. It’s also by far the funniest film in the franchise, which only heightens the experience.

I might try to come up with more reasons why this could be the greatest film ever made. But so far, that’s what I’ve got.

Share your thoughts! Come on, you know you want to talk about it and spoilers are allowed in the comments! Go!


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14 thoughts on “Could “The Force Awakens” be the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME??

  1. I have not seen the movie yet, but I doubt it is anywhere near being the best movie of all time. From what I understand it is a fun movie, but recycles a lot of A New Hope. Hype can cloud people’s reasoning (the prequels were loved when they first came out.)


    1. That is a ridiculously good point about the prequels being loved upon first release. Now, nobody (especially me) wants to have anything to do with them. I hope that when the cloud lifts, this is still one of the best movies. There are scenes in it that really make you feel like you’ve witnessed terrible things in your life.

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  2. It is an excellent film for sure. It will be hard to assess properly until about three or four months down the line, but I’ll be going back to see it before Christmas for sure.


  3. I will definitely agree that the movie was stellar far beyond what I had expected. I will, however, say that my final opinion on the full grandeur of The Force Awakens will largely depend on the sequels to come. For me at least:P Such a great foundation though


    1. I was thinking about that just yesterday! The sequels really are going to play a big part in the long-term awesomeness of The Force Awakens. I’m sad Abrams isn’t making them; makes me nervous, but I’m still hopeful, because the bar has been lifted sky high.

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    1. That’s a first! Crazy! But I also once met someone who didn’t like pizza 🙂 I understand not giving into the hype – I hated Avatar.


  4. I really enjoyed this movie. My expectations weren’t high (after the disastrous Episode I and to a certain degree what came after), and I was pleasantly entertained. I think the movie gets too much undeserved hate. Sure, it has its flaws and it’s definitely not the best movie or Star Wars flick in the galaxy. But it is a great sequel, evoking almost the same feelings when first watching the old trilogy. I wrote a review and gave it a bit less than “A New Hope”. Maybe I’m just spoiled with all the games which had a few of the storylines decades ago ;).


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