Meet Contestant 1: Megan Griffiths

We’ve got our three finalists chosen and posted for Endever’s first writing contest. Please take a moment to meet Contestant 1, Megan Griffiths and then head over to Endever’s Facebook page to vote for your favorite contestant. Remember, please vote only once, or else your votes will be disqualified and not counted. 

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Megan Griffiths is a creative individual. She balances fantasy and reality fairly well in her life, and for her it is valuable to remind herself as much as possible that imagination is just as important as being practical. She is a freelance writer and blogger.

Megan is a single mother of two; teen and preteen. She can be quite a Momster (what happens to Mom after she counts to 3) but thankfully her sense of humor helps to get her through. She hails from the East Coast of South Africa – a ‘little’ city with pristine beaches and a laid-back feel to it. Little being the operative word.

Megan has a passion for reading and writing, as well as giving her fingers a good work out in various other forms of crafty-artiness. She is a self-confessed coffee addict, with a soft spot for cheesecake and rainy afternoons. When the sun is out, she rather enjoys tending the weeds in her garden – a green thumb is not something she was gifted with.

Her personal blog can be found at, and is a mixture of the mishaps and motivations of everyday life. She also tweets regularly @MegG78.

Megan was asked about the inspiration behind the story that she wrote entitled “Shoebox Sanity” for the Endever Publishing Studios writing contest. A lot of her writing is inspired by personal life experiences and then woven into a variety of genres, but this particular piece was not. It was, in fact, just the result of sitting down and trying to think of a story with a murderous twist. It was the result of a mind that is fascinated and intrigued by mystery, human psychology, and puzzles. Many years spent watching and reading crime/murder mystery was also a great contributor to the story.

Click here to read Megan’s story and vote for her by simply clicking the “Like” button.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other two finalists, Eric Dill and Jared Johnson


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