We’re Not Voting for a President This Year

John Adams despised his role as Vice President because he was mostly bored and really had nothing to do. He wouldn’t have that problem in today’s political setting. The vice presidency has turned into more of a fly-on-the-President’s-shoulder position. This was definitely apparent with Bush/Cheney.

If the 2016 election were about collectively voting against a candidate, this year’s theme, as I see it, is voting for the Vice President over the man running for the presidential seat. This is a race between Pence and Harris more than anything, and in that regard, both strategists have played it smart.

Whatever your thoughts on Trump’s policies, we can all agree that he is his own worst enemy. Basically anytime he opens his mouth, it’s stupid or arrogant, and even his supporters want him to shut up, or put his phone down. However, his running mate, Mike Pence, is a very well-polished, soft-spoken man with sense and decorum. The numbers and the track record speak clearly that Americans are better off financially than we were four years ago (to be fair, we’ve yet to see how that will hold up in 2121 in the wake of this pandemic). Unfortunately, electing Trump means we get four more years of the circus that is Trump’s Twitter, which, much to people’s surprise, can be unfollowed or muted in your feed.

And then there’s Biden. Old Joe. The democrats played it smart this year. They chose a man who Americans are familiar with, being associated with the warmth and charm of Obama (both qualities that Trump can’t be any further from). And for his running mate, he chose Kamala Harris, who’s not only a woman, but a minority (who has accused Biden of being a racist and once claimed to have believed Biden’s accusers of sexual assault). There are a lot of people who want to see a woman in office, no matter who it is (although, according to the results of 2016, not quite enough).

If Biden isn’t radical enough, Harris most certainly is. Not only will she be a voice in Joe’s ear through his presidency, but who knows if he’ll actually make it through his term without having to step down – with honor, of course – due to senility or some old-man sickness, and that’s how America will get her first female president.

If that happened, the arguments would henceforth be that she wasn’t officially elected into office, so it wouldn’t count (that’ll be a fun argument to endure for the rest of our lifetime). This isn’t an election between Dumb Trump or Old Joe, it’s an election between Soft Mike and Whiny Kamila.

Personally, I’m one of those who wishes we had better options, but we are where we are for so many reasons we brought upon ourselves. As a libertarian, I’m very clear on who I’m going to vote for because I’m more interested in the voice behind the face. I’m more interested in the ideals than the gender or color of skin being presented. That doesn’t mean anyone’s any better or worse for voting for someone based on their demographic – I just hope people are looking past the demographic and truly believe what that particular candidate claims to stand for.


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2 thoughts on “We’re Not Voting for a President This Year

  1. “The numbers and the track record speak clearly that Americans are better off financially than we were four years ago”? Who, exactly, is better off? It’s surely not 200,000 dead or 840,000 unemployed Americans…or perhaps you were referring to to bloated stock market, which started falling as people realized another stimulus package isn’t coming anytime soon? The rest of the post is well done.


    1. Well, on average, Americans have gotten between and $2k and $4k back in taxes per year under Trump’s tax breaks. I’ll forever be curious how the 200,000 dead is Trump’s fault any more than the Sandy Hook shootings were Obama’s fault. And as for the unemployment rate, Trump held the lowest number in unemployment before COVID-19 in several decades, and he stood against lockdowns and closing the economy. But here’s the thing – you can get your sources from someplace and I can get mine from somewhere else… that’s the media at its best, setting good people like us against each other, and there’s no way either of us can definitively prove who’s right and who’s wrong. Politics is sticky.

      In all honesty, I loved Obama’s charm but disagreed with most of his policies, but he ended up being a good president because he didn’t lead us in a nuclear holocaust. Trump is a cocky prick, but I agree with several of his policies, and he’s a good president because he hasn’t gotten us into WWIII.

      At this point in history, I just want the guy (or girl) who doesn’t get us all killed.

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