One Has to Go…

I ordered a delicious, cheesy, steamy pizza from Pizza Hut the other day, but learned that my pizza maker was voting differently from me. Despite my hunger, and how much I love Pizza Hut, I tossed the pizza uneaten, and I went to Little Cardboard, I mean, Caesar’s instead.

This is the mentality behind the whole Chris debacle that exploded on Twitter earlier this week where TV writer Amy Berg listed the four biggest Chris’s in 21st century Hollywood:

Twitter flocked to cancel out Pratt over the others. Why? Forget that he cracked us up as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec. Forget that he kicks ass as Star Lord in arguably Marvel’s best franchise. And despite what you think about the new Jurassic movies, you can’t deny that he helped bring a new life and energy to our favorite dino films.

None of that matters to many of these people. What matters, for some reason, is Pratt’s private life and his belief, and the fact that he apparently didn’t accompany his coworkers to a Biden fundraiser. (If my coworkers expected me to give up my weekend to raise money for a cause that already has millions of dollars to begin with, I wouldn’t go either, by the way.)

First off, if Biden needed the fictional Avengers to assemble on his behalf, then that’s on him and his campaign advisors.

Secondly, as a consumer of the product(s) Pratt sells, I expect two things only from him: to act far beyond my ability, and convince me that what I’m seeing on screen is real and entertaining.

99% of the of the people who act in and make the movies I love and cherish, can’t have further beliefs and political leanings from my own. But I still support the work they do if they deliver great products.

We unfortunately live in a time where politicians are no longer judged or elected in accordance to their policy or honesty, and celebrities are no longer celebrated in accordance to their talent. For some reason, people think that in order to accept and enjoy a person, that person must embody every belief they have and push every political agenda they’re pushing.

This is the same thing as cancelling out Rosanne Barr and other beloved celebrities because of their political leanings.

It’s good that we’re evolved enough as a society to ostracize the likes of Cosby and Weinstein, because what they committed were actual crimes, and those crimes were deplorable.

But we’re treating people Chris Pratt the same way.

I denounced my Christianity a while ago. But from where I’m sitting, watching society oust and punish people for their religious beliefs and political leanings, it’s making me take the Bible’s foretelling of this a little more seriously.

People, it seems, are no longer able to distinguish between drugging and raping women and voting for a Republican or believing in a religion that denounces and condemns the mistreatment of women.

Here’s who the Avengers are trying to avenge, btw:

It’s amazing how if Pratt had come out yelling about how abortion during the third trimester is awesome and amazing, he would be applauded. Why is our society so determined to make everyone into a robot who blindly follows the crowd and doesn’t dare have a different opinion or a challenging thing to say? Why is our society so afraid of anyone who’s different, like Pratt? Have we learned nothing from Frozen?


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