Voters are Not Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

Tomorrow’s a big day. It could quite possibly be the biggest election turnout in our country’s history, even after adjusting the numbers to accommodate the population growth.

We all have this idea that it’s us against the bad guys.

It took Jeremy Jahns’ review of The Mandalorian episode 1 to make me realize that it was a very timely episode. Two warring factions having to work together toward a common goal.

Don’t we, as Americans, have a common goal? I’ll admit that the answer gets harder and harder to answer every four years, but I think we all still want some of the same things. Like, most of us don’t want to see people killed or hurt – for any reason.

We don’t want to see another terrorist attack.

We want our children and our neighbors safe.

We want quality of life and equality for all.

And what about the basics: Don’t we all want to hear laughter from people instead of tears and shouts?

Isn’t it better to befriend a person of difference than to run with the same crowd chatting about the same things?

One of my favorite movie sequels is Catching Fire, the follow-up to Hunger Games. I love the part where all the tributes, who are supposed to be slaughtering each other, all grab hands and stand together before the Capital. It upsets the system. It stumbles the rulers.

Unity is the best revolution.

I’m not saying we all need to vote the same, or on the same day, even. But for God’s sake, we can at least stop hating each other so much.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or heard of people dumping friends because they support an opposing president. Like, is that what we’ve reduced our friends and family down to: the bubble you punch in a voting booth? There are still so many aspects to that person than who they vote for every four years.

And who’s to say you’re right?

Why can’t we all just accept the fact that we could actually be wrong? We could actually be watching the wrong news channel, getting the wrong information, believing the wrong things.

All we can do is vote and hope for the best.

I’m voting for Trump because we haven’t had a major terrorist attack, the economy has been incredible despite the pandemic, and quite frankly, if he were going to start WW-III, he would have done so by now.

Who’s to say things won’t get worse with someone else in office? That’s a chance I’d rather not take.

I don’t hate people for voting for Biden/Harris. Those people obviously don’t listen to the same podcasts I do. They also have different beliefs. But I do believe they want to see the world be a better place.

We’re just punching different bubbles to get there.


Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

4 thoughts on “Voters are Not Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

  1. Agree completely – people have gone nuts over these candidates – I honestly don’t care who the candidate is – I will vote for the person who I think has the United States’ best interest at heart. You are right – we all just want the same thing, to feel safe and secure, and know the people in DC are watching out for us, and not themselves.


    1. I actually changed my mind at the eleventh hour, lol. Shows how in the middle I really was. I agree with one side’s social issues and the other side’s economic strategy.


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