Why I’m Against Censoring Anyone

Probably the loudest thing Twitter has done in the last quarter of a decade is silence Trump.

Which is funny, because it was likely his own tweets that cost him the election.

And yes, he came across as infantile with most of his tweets. Like, that crazy distant relative who reposts ridiculous things on Facebook that you continuously opt to not receive on your feed.

Besides violating our first amendment, there’s another reason why I’m staunchly against silencing anyone for any reason. (You know, because what I say and think makes a huge difference.)

But here it is.

Think about this: When someone gets arrested, why do they have the right to remain silent?

Like, we think of silence as being oppressive and so on, but suddenly silence is a right and a privilege the moment you become suspected of a crime.

Silence is golden, and all that.

Because if you talk under the immense pressure of being put under arrest, I’d imagine you’d say some pretty incriminating things, whether or not you’re guilting of the crime or not.

So let’s think about the extremists that are out there. Think about why they’re so extreme in their actions and thoughts. It’s because they view themselves or their lives as being pressurized by the outside world.

So when they talk, they’ll certainly give things away that could nip them in the bud if they’re ever being monitored by the authorities for a crime or a related event.

Now look, we all say crazy Trumpian (and by that, I mean infantile and not thought-out) things once in a while. And we should have a right to that. But silencing all the actual crazies, as it were, is a mistake, because that could rule out suspects of certain crimes.

Think about the Capital riots. Suppose there was no Parler for authorities to sniff out those criminally insane bozos, or all of their Facebook groups had been taken down prior to the incident. Because of those incriminating platforms, arrests are still being made.

But it could be argued that without those social media outlets, they couldn’t have rallied and gotten together to do what they did. If you think that, you’re just as insane as they are, because you know that they would have found other ways – possibly worse ways – to make their mark.

So I say, let everyone speak. If you speak racially, you should be condemned and socially shamed. But if the crazies are silenced, they’ll find other ways to confer, and that could be a much worse situation for people in the end.

Anyway, what are your thoughts and comments? Let me know below.


Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

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