11. The Hunt (Should You Watch It?)

I had no idea what I was in for with this movie, and if you haven’t seen a trailer, you likely will be surprised as well. It’s violent right out of the gate, but it’s also political – or A-political? – and tense with a smile. But… Should you watch it?

You can listen on YouTube or anywhere you listen to podcasts. Just search for Should You Watch It?


Published by Andrew Toy

Writer when I'm not being a husband or dad. So mostly just a husband and dad.

One thought on “11. The Hunt (Should You Watch It?)

  1. Hollywood thinks they are being all ‘cutting edge’, when I just see them as normalizing depravity. They substitute shock value for talent then say, “You just don’t get it!” They are the antithesis of uplifting, and strive to have no redeeming social value.

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