I lost my job due to COVID-19. Our kids are homeschooled (and still cooler than your kids). We started a YouTube channel. I’m pursuing my dream job. 

This blog used to be called AdoptingJames. We did that. Except his name is Felix. So, close enough. I took a hiatus from blogging because I felt like I’d said all I needed to say. But then life took some super ugly turns and my psyche, as well as my marriage, landed on some hard rocks. 

After weathering the perfect storm of the last few years, Sarabeth and I are starting new, and still learning to cope with certain tragedies that slammed our family. In time we’ll probably share some of that story, but for now, we just want to share where we are. And if your life (or marriage) is in the pits, you can reach out to us, or just follow along with our journey as we keep you guys updated on our progress of trying to get through this craziness called life. 

Check out our YouTube channel here!

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