Hire Me

As you probably know I was laid off from my job back in March due to the pandemic. I’ve been able to secure odd jobs through most of this year, but I seem to have reached the end of my networking circle, so I’m reaching out to you, my readers. The kind of services I’mContinue reading “Hire Me”


Unpublished Piece: Birds of All Kinds of Feathers

Having been let go from my job thanks to COVID-19, I’ve been actively pursuing my dream of having a career in journalism. One thing I’m learning is that not every piece I write will be published, and that’s okay. The main thing is to keep the fingers pecking away. That may be a pun forContinue reading “Unpublished Piece: Birds of All Kinds of Feathers”

The Pixar Challenge

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal,” is a motto Steve Jobs lived by. As a business owner, I see myself as an artist because I’m creating something from nearly nothing. But artists still need inspiration. Filmmakers need a camera. Animators need a pencil or a computer. Sculptors need clay. And painters need landscapes or models.Continue reading “The Pixar Challenge”

Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree

You’ve likely worked for bosses or managers who just don’t understand. I’m not talking about the inability to sympathize. I’m talking about a literal inability to understand the job they hired you to do because they haven’t done it themselves. Mostly that’s due to someone inheriting their position through a variety of different means. ThereContinue reading “Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree”

What I’m Learning So Far As a Business Owner

The most common emotion I have as a brand new business owner is uncertainty. The next two emotions are fear and optimism. Somehow they go hand-in-hand. I’m beginning to think it’s going to be a long while before I know what I’m really doing. Until then I must be content flying by the seat ofContinue reading “What I’m Learning So Far As a Business Owner”

Endever Updates – Six Months Later

Wonderful news is happening over at Endever Publishing Studios! In case you’re unfamiliar with my publishing company, I founded it early this year because I was tired of the way traditional publishing companies operated. They recycle the same famous authors in their rotation rarely giving new authors a chance. Traditional publishers put more effort in promoting their ownContinue reading “Endever Updates – Six Months Later”