Cover Design Artists, Apply Here!

Endever Publishing Studios, LLC is making tremendous headway toward our first book releases. First off, I cannot thank all of you enough who submitted your manuscripts and/or book ideas. I’m amazed at how many awesome ideas there are out there! And feel free to keep ’em coming. My company has some wonderful news I’ll be sharingContinue reading “Cover Design Artists, Apply Here!”

Pixar Movies: Toy Story

As you know, I’m really really looking forward to Pixar’s newest movie Inside Out which comes out in one month. Sadly though, this will be my first Pixar movie since A Bug’s Life that I will not be able to see in theaters. Our daughter’s not old enough and I’m not going without my wife and trying to convinceContinue reading “Pixar Movies: Toy Story”

My Top 10 Movies: No. 1

If you exclude any Disney or Pixar movie, there’s one that, to me, stands head and shoulders above the rest. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I enjoy the simpler films. To me, a story isn’t great based off of what’s told, but rather how it’s told. Think back to 127 Hours . A story about a guy whoContinue reading “My Top 10 Movies: No. 1”

Seeking Artist for Children’s Book

I wrote a children’s book complete with stick-figure drawings, which you’ll have a chance to look at in a moment. I’m seeking a publisher or agent to get it printed and published, but in order to really sell it, I need an artist to do the artwork. If anyone is interested (publishers, agents, artists), pleaseContinue reading “Seeking Artist for Children’s Book”