Reading List for Patriots

I’ve put together a few patriotic books that I have really enjoyed – so much so that I plan on returning to them for a second, third, or fourth read. John Adams by David McCullough It’s my goal to read a biography on every U.S. president and John Adams not only depicts one of the best, moral, upright menContinue reading “Reading List for Patriots”

Some Reading Fun

Enjoy this excerpt from my book, The Man in the Box. There will be a release date for the second edition coming soon. And don’t forget to Like The Man in the Box Facebook page for a chance to win a free, autographed copy! From Chapter 18 Robbie turned off the radio. It was up to him to breakContinue reading “Some Reading Fun”

A Message From My Daughter

Hi. My daddy’s taking a nap. I’d be crying right now just to see how long I can keep him awake, but my throat’s a bit sore, so I decided to hack into his blog and write a secret post without him knowing. (By the way, I feel like I should be named James… I’llContinue reading “A Message From My Daughter”

Is Divergent as Good as Hunger Games?

This is a spoiler-free review. I just read Divergent by Veronica Roth. Apparently she wrote it while she was in college and two other books completes her trilogy. Like Hunger Games, it is set in a dystopian world, and also like Hunger Games, it is written in that awesome first-person present tense style that really seems to be catchingContinue reading “Is Divergent as Good as Hunger Games?”

Weighing Two Lives

I love biographies. And to me, the thicker, the better. Probably because I want to know every juicy piece of information on the subject I’m studying. I recently read two very different biographies. You’ve heard of both men. Both were great, their names are immortal, left lasting legacies, were geniuses in their own rights. OneContinue reading “Weighing Two Lives”

From the Big Leagues to the Big Screen: The Story of Jim Morris

I had the privilege of interviewing legendary major league pitcher Jim Morris a few months ago. Here is how the conversation went: Baseball fan or not, it is very likely you know something about former Devil Rays pitcher Jim “The Rookie” Morris. You will recall almost fourteen years ago when Walt Disney Pictures began launchingContinue reading “From the Big Leagues to the Big Screen: The Story of Jim Morris”

Book Rec: City Lights by Dan Barry

You’ve likely seen my raving recommendation of Bottom of the 33rd by Dan Barry – one of the greatest books I’ve ever read – about the longest professional baseball game in history. Of course, being seduced by his clever writing style – attention to detail, a tip of the hat to subtle pathos, crisp dialogue – IContinue reading “Book Rec: City Lights by Dan Barry”