Review: Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks

A couple of weeks ago I posted my top 10 tear-jerkers. Well, make that 11. Sarabeth and I watched Saving Mr. Banks this last weekend. Actually we bought it without ever having seen it (such is the amount of faith I put in Disney movies). It was worth every penny. However, I feel a qualifier mustContinue reading “Review: Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks”


“Did you know about this?” Sarabeth asked me yesterday as she held out the iPad to me. I read the headline: “Philip Seymour Hoffman, Oscar-Winning Actor, Dead at 46.”  “What?!” I said. I read that he had overdosed on heroine, then I cursed. People aren’t calling him this generation’s greatest actor out of pity for hisContinue reading “Disappointment”

From a Mermaid to an Ice Queen: Is Frozen Better Than Beauty?

These days Sarabeth and I go to the movies about three times a year. Once in the summer to catch the newest Pixar movie, and twice in December for the latest Hunger Games and Hobbit installments. Since there will not be a Pixar movie released this year (insert ultra-sad face here), I insisted we catch Frozen because of all the hypeContinue reading “From a Mermaid to an Ice Queen: Is Frozen Better Than Beauty?”

What’s Your Disney Moment?

My social networking sites are exploding with clips from Frozen – especially videos of the hit song, “Let It Go.” I’ve been steadily refraining from watching these tempting clips since I haven’t seen the movie yet – but dying to. It seems to be a unanimous consensus that Frozen is as good as Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. IsContinue reading “What’s Your Disney Moment?”

What’s Your Favorite Superhero Movie?

I’m going to make a very unpopular statement. I can’t stand the Marvel movies (you know, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk – The Avengers). Outside The Dark Knight trilogy (and maybe X-Men and X-Men 2), I really don’t care for superhero movies. (I know it’s debatable, but I don’t consider Batman a superhero – especially since the newest trilogy isContinue reading “What’s Your Favorite Superhero Movie?”

From the Big Leagues to the Big Screen: The Story of Jim Morris

I had the privilege of interviewing legendary major league pitcher Jim Morris a few months ago. Here is how the conversation went: Baseball fan or not, it is very likely you know something about former Devil Rays pitcher Jim “The Rookie” Morris. You will recall almost fourteen years ago when Walt Disney Pictures began launchingContinue reading “From the Big Leagues to the Big Screen: The Story of Jim Morris”