Happy Birthday Mr. Disney

It’s appropriate, I think, that Uncle Walt was born in and died in the month of December. Because in a way, he’s sort of our real-life Santa Claus. He’s made millions of people smile and laugh, spanning the continents and generations. Some of the best Christmas presents many of us received as kids were thoseContinue reading “Happy Birthday Mr. Disney”

Sequels That Exceed Their Predecessors

We saw Catching Fire last night, and let me say, it’s always a treat when, in those rare moments in time, you land on a cinematic sequel that’s better than its predecessor. Catching Fire is one such movie. Where Gary Ross’s adaptation was passable, I think we can all agree that it was a bit rushed at times (andContinue reading “Sequels That Exceed Their Predecessors”

That November Lull or Pre-Christmas Movies

November 1st. The Jack-O-lanterns are now bug food. The kids are crashed out from their sugar rushes. The bathroom sinks are stained with face-paint smudges. The masks are put away and the pumpkin inflatables are now orange ponds on the lawn. Candy wrappers litter the sidewalk, but all the kids are accounted for. The zombiesContinue reading “That November Lull or Pre-Christmas Movies”

Which First? The Book or the Movie?

I recently spoke with someone who walked out of The Fellowship of the Ring when it was in theaters and never bothered with the other two Lord of the Rings movies. His reason: Because Arwen had speaking parts and wasn’t just sitting on a throne like she does in the book. I thought this was a little over theContinue reading “Which First? The Book or the Movie?”

My Weirdest Scary Movie Moments

Most of us like to watch movies that thrill us, and sometimes even scare us. But sometimes we get scared of the weirdest movies for the weirdest reasons. Here’s a few of mine. (Mind you, most of these were from when I was a little kid.) War of the Worlds – I saw this in theaters whenContinue reading “My Weirdest Scary Movie Moments”

Country Music Part I

I was a big fan of country music from my freshman year at high school up until about two years ago. After listening to so much of it, though, I came to the realization that they all sound pretty much the exact same. There’s just not much variety in that genre. But there are stillContinue reading “Country Music Part I”