So You Wanna Write Part 10 – “Take That Step”

If you’ve ever been to church in your life, chances are you’ve seen this movie clip. It’s probably the most overused clip in all churches ever. And if it happens to be a church that doesn’t have a movie screen or projectors, then the youth pastor or the hip young intern has referenced the sceneContinue reading “So You Wanna Write Part 10 – “Take That Step””

It’s All in a Song

It’s funny. If you take a song, any one song, and play it at different times of the day, it can have a whole different meaning, or evoke different feelings. Let’s take Jackie Wilson’s “Your Love (Keeps Lifting Me Higher)” for example. That song works best in the car, at night with the windows down.Continue reading “It’s All in a Song”


We were watching Gladiator over the weekend and at one point during one of the arena scenes, I turned to Sarabeth and said, “I’m so thankful movies like this have been made so that history can be brought to life.” Then I stopped and added, “At least someone else’s perspective of history.” Perspective. That’s played a bigContinue reading “Perspective”

Casting Stones

I was driving to work yesterday, just a regular 80’s-music-induced drive. I drove the usual speed limit, dealt with the usual traffic not knowing how to merge, and then it happened. I was singing along with the Cranberries (don’t judge), and I actually saw the white pebble slip out from under the truck in frontContinue reading “Casting Stones”

Doors, Dogs, and Doubt

So it has finally begun. I realize I’ve been quiet on the topic of our adoption journey since I’ve first started this blog early last year. Well, with our classes out of the way (not much to blog about there), the paper work filled out (most of if), and house made as child-proof as canContinue reading “Doors, Dogs, and Doubt”

5 Tips for Making New Year’s Resolutions

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that if you feel like you ought to make a resolution this year, then that probably means you need to make a resolution. But the word resolution is overused and not as heavy as a word I am going to propose in its stead for this post. This year, I plan onContinue reading “5 Tips for Making New Year’s Resolutions”