King Kong (1933) – Should You Watch It?

This is the cutest King Kong review ever! And quite possibly the cutest Should You Watch It review so far. In this episode I talk with my seven-year-old daughter about the 1933 version (the OG) of the world’s favorite monster: King Kong – leading up to the release of Godzilla vs. Kong! You can listenContinue reading “King Kong (1933) – Should You Watch It?”

6. Dr. No (Should You Watch It?)

In anticipation for No Time to Die, hopefully coming out later this year, I decided to start at the beginning with a James Bond marathon. Admittedly, I’ve only seen a couple of Brosnan Bond movies and one Daniel Craig Bond movie. None of them won me over. But I’m going to give the Bond-verse aContinue reading “6. Dr. No (Should You Watch It?)”

5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Should You Watch It?

What makes a really good dish? Well, all the right ingredients, right? This movie has all the right talent, such as the likes of Francis McDormand, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson. BUT do these powerhouse actors work well together on the same screen? Listen to find out. You can listen to this episode on YouTubeContinue reading “5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Should You Watch It?”

Ian Holm: “There and…” Back Again to LOTR for Us

Sir Ian Holm’s passing on June 19 was sad. I dread to think of other household names we might lose during this loser of a year. Did you know he was knighted? He was, back in 1998. Ash was my favorite character inĀ Alien. He was the voice of Skinner, the tiny chef (not the rat)Continue reading “Ian Holm: “There and…” Back Again to LOTR for Us”

15 Great Movies that You Missed in the Last 5 Years

It’s summer, and movie theaters are starting to open back up finally!! So if you don’t make the 33% capacity cut, and you want something to watch, read on. As you know, I took a few-year hiatus from blogging, but it sure feels good to be back. In those years I didn’t report on someContinue reading “15 Great Movies that You Missed in the Last 5 Years”

What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?

No matter how you look at it, M. Night’s The Happening is cheeseball at best. For ten years, there’s been nothing but hatred circulating around the movie. But what if… WHAT IF… the deaths in the movie aren’t as random as it seems. What if there’s more of a method to this madness than anyoneContinue reading “What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?”