What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?

No matter how you look at it, M. Night’s The Happening is cheeseball at best. For ten years, there’s been nothing but hatred circulating around the movie. But what if… WHAT IF… the deaths in the movie aren’t as random as it seems. What if there’s more of a method to this madness than anyoneContinue reading “What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?”

Release Dates and Cover Reveals Soon!

We’ve been busy at Endever Publishing Studios, and I’m proud to announce that we have not one, but two books that will be released before Halloween. We’re working out the release date details, and the covers for these two books are coming along swimmingly! The first book is written by yours truly. It’s a youngContinue reading “Release Dates and Cover Reveals Soon!”

My Weirdest Scary Movie Moments

Most of us like to watch movies that thrill us, and sometimes even scare us. But sometimes we get scared of the weirdest movies for the weirdest reasons. Here’s a few of mine. (Mind you, most of these were from when I was a little kid.) War of the Worlds – I saw this in theaters whenContinue reading “My Weirdest Scary Movie Moments”

Family Friendly “Halloween” Movies

We don’t celebrate Halloween in the traditional sense in our home. But I still like the flavor of the season, without celebrating death and all its accompaniments. (I’ll post soon how we celebrate October 31st.) I don’t think it’s wrong to seek out thrills for entertainment. After all, isn’t that what we see most moviesContinue reading “Family Friendly “Halloween” Movies”