Election 2020: We’re the Luckiest People of All Time!

I’m almost to the point where I’m going to shut off all my social media. Not because of the crazy election happenings. No, that stuff’s fine. The fact that people are actually surprised by it is bewildering to me. Of course we weren’t going to get immediate results. I’m about to shut off social mediaContinue reading “Election 2020: We’re the Luckiest People of All Time!”

Let’s Talk Dinos!

Last night I talked poor Sarabeth’s ear off about all the exciting dinosaur movies coming out next year. The world of movies as we knew it changed forever in 1993 when Steven Spielberg released Jurassic Park.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard the words “Jurassic Park.” I was in the third grade, and myContinue reading “Let’s Talk Dinos!”

Book Rec: The Presidents Club

I’ve been reading through the biographies of our presidents and so far have been enjoying getting to know them. It’s interesting to learn about their accomplishments, what drove them toward their failures, and how history has decided to label them. But there’s one thing that their biographies tend to overlook. We may learn about eachContinue reading “Book Rec: The Presidents Club”

A Hero Has Died

Louis Zamperini has died. He is the subject of the international bestseller Unbroken by Seabiscuit’s biographer Laura Hillenbrand. The only reason I didn’t put this book on yesterday’s post, “Reading List for Patriots” was because I was saving it for when the movie comes out this December. Louis Zamperini died of pneumonia yesterday in Los Angeles atContinue reading “A Hero Has Died”

Weighing Two Lives

I love biographies. And to me, the thicker, the better. Probably because I want to know every juicy piece of information on the subject I’m studying. I recently read two very different biographies. You’ve heard of both men. Both were great, their names are immortal, left lasting legacies, were geniuses in their own rights. OneContinue reading “Weighing Two Lives”

America: The Last Best Hope

Many of you know Dr. William J. Bennett from his radio talk show “Morning in America.” Others know him as a frequent political commentator on various networks. And others know him as an author. I know him best by the latter. I have read several books of his, most recently America: The Last Best Hope trilogy. VolumeContinue reading “America: The Last Best Hope”