What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?

No matter how you look at it, M. Night’s The Happening is cheeseball at best. For ten years, there’s been nothing but hatred circulating around the movie. But what if… WHAT IF… the deaths in the movie aren’t as random as it seems. What if there’s more of a method to this madness than anyoneContinue reading “What if The Happening Isn’t What You Think?”

This Thanksgiving There Will Be Blood

This Thanksgiving falls sixteen days after the presidential nomination. Some rejoice the results while others bemoan the abomination.   Verbal shots will be taken and friends will fall prey to the slander and abuse that will take place on this day.   No longer will just the blood of turkeys be spilled but those of our family and friendsContinue reading “This Thanksgiving There Will Be Blood”

And the Best Mexican Movie Ever Is…

In honor of Cinco De Mayo (my third favorite holiday), and as a huge fan of Steve Martin and Martin Short, I’d like to pay homage to a Mexican/American classic, The Three Amigos. Enjoy and celebrate with all the burritos, tacos, and queso you can stuff your cara with! De nada. Oh, and join my new author Facebook page for muchasContinue reading “And the Best Mexican Movie Ever Is…”

Movies to Drive Home the Holidays

I went and saw Dumb and Dumber To last week and, with the exception of a couple of really awkward scenes, I really enjoyed it. So naturally I re-watched the original, being my all-time favorite comedy and found it just as funny as it was twenty years ago and Harry and Lloyd graced the world with theirContinue reading “Movies to Drive Home the Holidays”

They Risked All

The following is taken from The American Patriot’s Almanac by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb. On July 4, 1776, delegates to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence. The men who issued that famous document realized they were signing their own death warrants, since the British would consider them traitors.Continue reading “They Risked All”

The Best Father’s Day Movies

Father’s Day is coming up. The holiday holds true for many people in different walks of life. Maybe you’re still living with your father, or you’re far away from him. Maybe your father died. Perhaps, even, you’re a father yourself now, as this will be my first Father’s Day as a dad. As you wellContinue reading “The Best Father’s Day Movies”

Today is the Day

Good morning. Today is an unusual day; a day you don’t get very often. Today you get to start over. Today is the day that starts with many of your Yes’s being No’s and many of your No’s being Yes’s. Today is the day you begin breaking habits, and creating new ones. Don’t underestimate theContinue reading “Today is the Day”