Keith Farthington on How to Make an Instructional Video

People everywhere are still trapped at home and trying new things, especially in the realm of making videos to post online, whether they be Disneyland reenactments, discussions about The Tiger King, or making videos to be given a shoutout on John Krasinski’s SGN (Hi, John xXoXooO!!!). I’ll be honest, I’ve been in a creative funk,Continue reading “Keith Farthington on How to Make an Instructional Video”

I Got a Letter Today…

I love that Brad Paisley song, “Letter to Me,” where he writes a letter and sends it back in time to his younger self. I wanted to write one of my own for a blog post, but Sarabeth warned me that that’s been done a lot before. Turns out she’s right. I try not toContinue reading “I Got a Letter Today…”