How I’m Saving My Family

When I tell people I’m on a diet, they’re usually like, “Huh? Really? You?” I may not look like Buddha, and my Wii Fit may tell me I’m not obese, but there’s more to it than that. For a long time, I’ve been an absolute butt head to my family. I’m working on a couple different booksContinue reading “How I’m Saving My Family”

The Smaller Perspective: One Way to Parent Effectively

My wife surpasses me in bounds and leaps when it comes to parenting our kids. Not just because she’s home with them seven days a week all day and night, but she seems to really “get it” where it counts. For my part, I’m naturally self-centered. Strip me down to my bare essentials and you’reContinue reading “The Smaller Perspective: One Way to Parent Effectively”

Thank You, Katherine

We just watched Wall-e recently and one line stuck out to me. It’s when Captain B. McCre of the Axiom yells, “I don’t want to survive, I want to live!” What a statement. Personally, I’m naturally more of a survivor than liver. (Or person who lives.) A good time for me is staying in watching movies or reading a bookContinue reading “Thank You, Katherine”

The Things That Make Me Happiest

It’s only Tuesday. And for most of us who hate our jobs, that’s like saying, “You’ve got a thousand more years before you get to sit down and relax.” Well, I find that if you take a moment to jot down the things that make you happiest, and then every day until the weekend you do aContinue reading “The Things That Make Me Happiest”