Let’s Get Physical!

The Olympics. While our athletic representatives are busting their butts to stack up our gold, Sarabeth and I have been doing our patriotic duty keeping the economy going by ordering pizzas, calzones, Chipolte, and lots of ice cream to root on our favorite Olympians. First off, let me just say that we were totally robbedContinue reading “Let’s Get Physical!”

Disney Animation and Baseball

I think every parent wants their kids to show an interest in what they’re invested in. I’m no different. With my kids being just 1 and 2 their minds are young enough to mold. Obviously, if they show an interest in licorice making or the study of different types of sand in Mid-eastern countries, thenContinue reading “Disney Animation and Baseball”

Debates and Racism Over Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl last Sunday (or turned it off out of embarrassment), you missed an ad put out by Coca-Cola that has sparked much debate and criticism. In my family, we prefer Coke over Pepsi, even though only one of us can taste the difference. A big reason is because ofContinue reading “Debates and Racism Over Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad”


“Did you know about this?” Sarabeth asked me yesterday as she held out the iPad to me. I read the headline: “Philip Seymour Hoffman, Oscar-Winning Actor, Dead at 46.”  “What?!” I said. I read that he had overdosed on heroine, then I cursed. People aren’t calling him this generation’s greatest actor out of pity for hisContinue reading “Disappointment”

From the Big Leagues to the Big Screen: The Story of Jim Morris

I had the privilege of interviewing legendary major league pitcher Jim Morris a few months ago. Here is how the conversation went: Baseball fan or not, it is very likely you know something about former Devil Rays pitcher Jim “The Rookie” Morris. You will recall almost fourteen years ago when Walt Disney Pictures began launchingContinue reading “From the Big Leagues to the Big Screen: The Story of Jim Morris”

My Top 10 Movies, No. 2

Amongst the overgrown lineup of best picture nominations for the 83th annual Academy Awards (2011) was a movie only the closest movie-watchers would have known about. It’s a true story about a California baseball manager, Billy Beane… hold on. This is a baseball movie that even the most adverse baseball critics will enjoy – myContinue reading “My Top 10 Movies, No. 2”