Could “The Force Awakens” be the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME??

Let’s all be perfectly clear – The Force Awakens is NOT just for Star Wars fans. It’s not just for geeks or sci-fi buffs. The Force Awakens is a genuine love letter to anyone who loves the movies and has a soul. That said, let me back up. 2015 has brought us some of the greatest movies in years. From MadContinue reading “Could “The Force Awakens” be the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME??”

Everything Episode VII Got Right

Just got out of a viewing of The Force Awakens. I was going to title this post “Everything Episode VII Got Wrong” and then leave the entire post blank, but I didn’t want people sitting at their computer pressing the reload button repeatedly. First off, Episode VII turned this mediocre Star Wars fan into a fanatic. Here’s everything J.J.Continue reading “Everything Episode VII Got Right”