Summer Smoothies! (Guest Post from My Wife)

It’s summertime and that means smoothies and fruit drinks! We love blending things at our house when it’s 90+ degrees out and our dinners are usually fresh salads with fancy dressings. Anyway, my wife was kind enough to write a guest post for you all today about some of our favorite homemade smoothies. Feel freeContinue reading “Summer Smoothies! (Guest Post from My Wife)”

Journey Into America’s Pastime

Summer is well under way, and many of you are probably planning vacations and road trips across the country. If you find yourself, for any reason, traveling down Interstate 65 through downtown Louisville, Kentucky, you’ll notice the handle of a giant baseball bat peaking above the buildings. Nestled in the northwest corner of Louisville’s downtownContinue reading “Journey Into America’s Pastime”

Jaws was Real!

A couple of years ago I read Peter Benchley’s Jaws. It had a great story, but I was turned off by the overuse of needless profanity and ridiculous sex scenes. Needless to say, Spielberg’s 1975 rendition surpassed the book in terms of, well, everything. But it turns out, Benchley’s tale is not all that fictitious. If you’veContinue reading “Jaws was Real!”

The Greatest Action Movie Ever (My Top 10 Movies No. 5)

All right men, and women who want to make your men happy, pay attention to this post. So far in my list of top ten movies, I don’t have action flicks listed. I have pointed out favorites of mine such as 127 Hours, Catch Me if You Can, Finding Neverland, Cinderella Man… all biopics for the most part. ButContinue reading “The Greatest Action Movie Ever (My Top 10 Movies No. 5)”

Andrew’s Top 10 Movie Countdown: 10

Sarabeth and I often FaceTime (like Skype) with her sister and brother-in-law who have been missionaries across seas for the last couple of years. We all tease each other for certain things, and the thing I get teased for the most is how I happen to have a list of “favorites” for everything. Not onlyContinue reading “Andrew’s Top 10 Movie Countdown: 10”