How Your Personal Hygiene Can Help You Finish Writing Your Book

So you’re a writer. Or you try to be, anyway. With kids and doctor appointments and work and school and your spouse’s psychological mommy-issues, you’re lucky if you can manage to write one paragraph in any given day. But suppose one day the heavens opened up, the school’s not calling you to pick your kidsContinue reading “How Your Personal Hygiene Can Help You Finish Writing Your Book”

The Polls Are In (once you vote)

At Endever Publishing we are dedicated to brining success to our authors. But in the book industry, success equals readers. So, logically, we are dedicated to bringing readers to our authors. In order to bring readers along, we must have something that pleases them, that entices. Let me say this as unconventionally as I can: AsContinue reading “The Polls Are In (once you vote)”

Naivety = Awesomeness (How do you pronounce “Naivety” anyway?)

The great Steve Martin, in his book, Born Standing Up, defines naivete: “That fabulous quality that keeps you from knowing just how unsuited you are for what you are about to do.” With that logic, every person who’s ever done anything great is undeniably, unequivocally naive. If we were all aware of how hard something was goingContinue reading “Naivety = Awesomeness (How do you pronounce “Naivety” anyway?)”

Ever Thought About Quitting This Way?

Pardon my absence lately. I’ve been super sick for almost a week and until today, just the thought of opening my laptop made me even more nauseous. So I’ve been doing lots of Olympic-watching, sleeping, The Walking Dead, sleeping, a Lethal Weapon marathon, sleeping, and I just started Breaking Bad (I’m one episode in and it’s kind of weird, butContinue reading “Ever Thought About Quitting This Way?”

Addressing My Own Stubbornness

Great conversation and comments on yesterday’s post! Thank you for all who contributed. I’ve read through most of your reasons for being stubborn by not walking away from the written word and indulging fully in the technology age, and I’ve got to say, many of you are much deeper and intellectually-minded than I am. IContinue reading “Addressing My Own Stubbornness”